20 Zara Pieces That Are Making Me Want to Ditch All My Jeans

It's safe to say that I have an unhealthy obsession with denim. My jeans drawer at home is overflowing with pairs of denim pants I didn't even realize I still own. Yeah, it's a problem. This year, in an effort to slow down on the denim front, I have vowed to wear something other than jeans—be it skirts, trousers, or shorts—multiple times a week. Where do I go when I want to test out a new fashion venture? Zara, of course.

As we all know, Zara has low prices, most major seasonal trends, and every basic imaginable. Why wouldn't I head there to test out a few bottom alternatives? Ahead, I've broken down all the Zara pieces I'm buying to replace my jeans (for the time being) into categories for you to shop. Between the neon slip skirt and the tailored Bermuda shorts, I have a feeling you'll be quickly following my lead.

Midi Skirts

The black-and-white version of this is also very good. 

FYI: The animal-print trend is far from over. 

Get two trends for the price of one with this neon animal-print skirt. 


Suiting is something I'm leaning into more this year. 

Not a huge fan of yellow, but I love it when paired with clean, white counterparts.

This look is so me—orange hat and all. 

The tailoring on these makes them look so expensive. 

Yes to slits and yes to flat sandals. 


Contrast stitching is always a yes in my book. 

Your inner private-school girl could never. 

Layer a turtleneck underneath this, throw on some tights, and you have yourself a winter-approved miniskirt look. 

Is tie-dye the new leopard print? Food for thought. 


Looks like a skirt, but they're actually shorts. 

This plain black version is just as good as the pair with neon piping. 

The spring 2019 trend that's taking over. 

One more pair of these to tickle your fancy. 

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