Where to Find the Coolest Workout Clothes If You're a Size 12+

best plus size workout clothes



The fact that most sizing is restricted to, on average, a 0 to 12 or XS to XL scale is ridiculous. Women shouldn't have to feel victimized by sizing systems while shopping, especially for workout clothes. So today, we're here to praise a few brands that are doing it right. We chose five retailers that not only offer sizes beyond a 12, but that sell the trends and styles everyone's talking about. 

Whether it's a supportive sports bra you're in dire need of or simply a fresh pair of flattering high-rise leggings, we've got the retailers and the prices that will bring you joy. Ready to shop? 


Found exclusively at Target, JoyLab offers all the latest athleisure trends at affordable price points and with extended sizing. Everything from sleek leggings to a chic jacket you can throw on after your workout can be found within the JoyLab name.


Would it really be a workout roundup without some Nike? Continuously staying ahead of the curve, Nike not only offers the latest and greatest in sportswear attire, but it also offers sizing that's inclusive to everyone. This brand can really can do no wrong. 

Forever 21

Forever 21 is one of our favorite places to go for cute workout clothes that don't break the bank. Everything you need and more can be found in its sportswear section, including trendy windbreakers, high-rise leggings, and more.


What do we love most about shopping for workout clothes at Nordstrom? That you can choose from some of the best sportswear brands out there including Zella, Nike, and Beyond Yoga. Consider this your one-stop shop if you're not super brand loyal. 


Undoubtedly one of your favorite affordable retailers, H&M continues to win in the workout department among many others. Offering inclusive sizing, wearable products, and prices that put a smile on your face, H&M is quickly becoming a go-to for all things athleisure-related.

These were just a few of our favorite retailers that offer extended sizing in the workout clothes department. If you have personal favorites that were not included here, be sure to let us know about them.

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