This One Work Tote Has Lasted Me 5 Years (and Counting)

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I stash my laptop in it after work. I fill it to the brim for international flights. I pack it in the car for weekend getaways. My trusty black Classic Leather Tote ($175) from Cuyana has truly been through everything with me, spanning two jobs and over a dozen flights. No, this isn't an #ad, folks—promise. I bought this tote bag at full price over five years ago, and I recently realized that it's held up remarkably well for the amount of abuse I've put it through, so I had to share my favorite buy.

While the inside is admittedly a tad beaten up, the outside could be mistaken for being new—it doesn't even have scratches on the bottom! Even though my dog constantly jumps up on me; even though I frantically kick it under the seat on planes before takeoff (and it barely fits because it's so full); even though it's been on its fair share of dirty floors. Oh, and I'm not sure this would be an expert's leather care recommendation, but after traveling, I wipe down the bag with sanitizing wipes to get rid of germs. As far as I can tell, this hasn't affected the color at all. Take note: This isn't something you could do with a suede bag, so always consider your fabrics.

Some structured bags don't have a lot of give, but this buttery soft leather allows it to expand quite a lot. The only downside is that I can fit so much in this bag that I end up not being able to find things in it (something I could easily solve with a tote organizer, but I'm too lazy to buy—sue me). But enough about me—scroll down to see the bag in action and shop it for yourself in seven different colorways. See you in five years when you want to repurchase.

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