Our Editors Did a Blind Fragrance Test—Here Are Their Honest Thoughts

Sure, winter gives you an excuse to update your wardrobe, but it also brings an opportunity to reassess your beauty picks, specifically your fragrance collection. We know, we know—scents are personal. A whiff of something can take you back to another time in your life, instantly build a more positive state of mind, or just make you think of someone special. So there’s a lot riding on what you pick, but it shouldn’t cause you stress. That's why we decided to go about picking a new scent in an entirely new way.

Here’s what went down: We picked four of-the-moment scents we found at Macy’s (aka the fragrance destination), asked three Who What Wear editors to take part in an impromptu blind sniff test, and had them share their honest reactions to each. And then we Instagrammed the whole thing. Intrigued? Hear what our editor in chief, Kat Collings, and beauty editors Erin Jahns and Courtney Higgs all had to say about the season’s top perfumes.

Kat: "I'm getting major candy shop vibes, delicious treats, and suddenly, I'm very hungry!"

Courtney: "This reminds me of my mom in the best way possible. It smells like a sophisticated lady headed to Macy's and about to buy something really expensive."

Erin: "It's a little bit cotton candy–like but definitely more elevated and ladylike." 

What it actually is: A floral explosion that'll instantly put you in a good mood. It's a mix of bergamot, tea, osmanthus, jasmine, African orange flower, freesia, orchid, rose, musk, and patchouli. 

Kat: "Gardenia's are just washing over me right now."

Courtney: "I'm not usually drawn to this type of scent, but it's super fresh, like you're walking through a garden."

Erin: "It's definitely like a flower shop. A little old-fashioned but prettier."

What it actually is: A secret garden full of jasmine, tuberose, Rangoon creeper, orris, and damask rose.

Kat: "I'm smelling sexy Saturday night party vibes. She's going out."

Courtney: "I can't pinpoint what it is I'm smelling, but it's nice. I could get into this."

Erin: "I think I wore a perfume just like it in high school, so it's bringing up a lot of nostalgia."

What it actually is: Seductive and mysterious with notes of black plum nectar, heliotrope, and roasted tonka bean.


Kat: "I'm digging this scent. I think it smells fresh and really clean. It's leaving a strong impression."

Courtney: "This one is complicated. I feel like there are layers. Every time I take a whiff I get something different, which I like."

Erin: "I don't want to say this is sporty, but it's definitely clean and has a powerful aftermath, but it's good."

What it actually is: Timeless and elegant with hints of rose, peach pulp, soft amber, and wood.

Can't get enough? Shop all of these and more holiday favorites at Macy's.