I Ordered 11 White T-Shirts and Only Kept These 3 Brands

While shiny new objects like designer shoes and bags are always tempting, I seem to find myself on the perennial hunt for something decidedly more boring: white T-shirts. I tend to hoard different versions of the staple, but until recently, I couldn't quite land on my tried-and-true favorites. Now, after plenty of ordering, trying on, and returning, I think I finally settled on my three favorite brands for white T-shirts.

So what were my criteria? The biggest element was definitely the price. To be honest, I tend to get yellow stains in the armpits of white T-shirts relatively quickly, which means I just can't justify splurging on over-$100 designer versions. To me, it makes more sense to pick brands will lower price points so I can call in some reinforcements by buying multiples of the same tee. Next, I personally like white T-shirts that are either opaque or have just a tiny hint of sheerness. I think the Hanes x Karla The Crew Tee ($30) is the most opaque white tee I've come across, while the Madewell Whisper Slub Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt ($30) and Splendid Cropped Tee ($48) have a slight sheerness to them. 

Curious to see what made the cut? Scroll down to see the three white T-shirt brands that made my list and shop them for yourself. 

Hanes x Karla