Don't Be Fooled: Here's the Best Underwear to Wear With Skirts

There’s not necessarily one universal underwear style that works with every single item in your closet. In fact, we recently debriefed on the best underwear to wear with jeans specifically. Given that you’re also probably incorporating a variety of skirts into your fall rotation, we ventured a guess that taking a closer look at the best underwear cuts for this category would be of interest as well. Sure, it’s totally up to personal preference at the end of the day (live your life), but as we learned with our denim deep dive, one style just doesn’t always fit all.

That’s why we tapped marketing expert Danielle Iserlis and the buying team behind one of the most beloved lingerie retailers, Journelle, to fill us in on the best and most comfortable underwear to wear with every type of fall skirt.

Ahead, read everything you ever wanted to know about skirt-and-underwear pairings. From high-waisted thongs to boy shorts to bikini briefs, the mainstays in your underwear drawer are about to meet their skirt counterparts—and it looks to be a match made in heaven.

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