These 9 Fall Trends Are About to Go Viral

There’s no doubt about the power of Instagram to make fashion trends go viral. Just look to Réalisation’s leopard slip skirt, which was one of the most photographed pieces of the summer and sold out more times than I can count. That’s just one example, though. There were countless other trends and outfits that went viral this summer and caught our attention.

All of this got me thinking about which outfits and which trends have that same viral potential for fall. Scouring Instagram and the street style scene, I looked to the buzziest fashion girls to spot exactly what they’re wearing and some of the common fashion themes that are beginning to emerge as we move into fall.

I’ve narrowed in on the trends and outfits that are at a tipping point and I’m predicting will be everywhere next season. Ahead, find out which pieces will be the most in demand and get ideas for how to style them to achieve the very best outfits for fall.