The Best Travel-Ready Pants (That Aren't Jeans)

Sorry, denim lovers, but there's a new pair of pants that will replace your beloved jeans this summer. They're sportier, more relaxed, and most of all, comfortable. But we weren't really sold on them until we saw how stylish fashion girls could make the seemingly "ugly" pants look. We're talking about utility-style pants, and we know—the fact that we're giving cargo pants a second glance scared us too.

But bear with us a moment—we promise that you might find that these workwear-inspired pants aren't just the newest trend to take over the Hypebae scene but that they're also the best travel pants out there. Sure, leggings will always be an airport mainstay, but if you pack these looser-fitting pants for your next vacation, you'll find yourself exploring your new destination comfortably and stylishly. Prepare to see everybody wearing the pant style on all their spring and summer vacations. They're the best travel pants, but they aren't jeans. Ahead is all the inspiration you'll need to be convinced and the coolest pairs of utility pants to shop once you are.

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