The Swimsuits That Will Highlight Your Favorite Feature, Guaranteed

"We use the word flattering a lot, but what does it mean?"—a wonderful story written by one of my fellow editors on why it's about time to start redefining this now exhausted and misused term. The reason? Up until now, we have been using this word in reference to manipulating what you wear to hide areas of your body you might not be proud of. Now there is nothing wrong with exercising that practice, but are we going to sit here and preach how to look like your skinniest self? No, we are absolutely not.

As we excitedly prep for the summer months ahead, instead of telling you that "these are the most flattering swimsuits for your body type" (which we have done in the past) and then go on to categorize your one-of-a-kind shape into five fruit-shaped boxes, we are going to take a turn and show you the swimsuits you should be buying based on the part of your body you love the most—no matter what your shape is. Obsessed with your waist? There's a swimsuit for that. Want to show off your backside? There's a swimsuit for that too. This summer, we want you to be able to put on a swimsuit that makes you feel like your best self, not the self the world tells you to be.

Ahead we've shopped out adorable swimsuits that flaunt your arms and shoulders, legs, backside, waist, and chest. To get a pulse on the best ways to highlight these areas of your body, we tapped our community and asked them what they wear when they want to accentuate their favorite body parts and why. Ready to shop according to expertise from real women? It's honestly refreshing.

Arms and Shoulders

If accentuating your arms and shoulders is your goal, opt for either strapless, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder, or halter styles. Each of those silhouettes will draw all the attention to your upper body and really highlight one of your favorite features.


High cuts, either on bikini bottoms or one-pieces, immediately extend the length of your natural leg line. If you want to show off your stunning limbs, why cut off the line of your leg when you can extend it? This '80s-style suit will do just that.

Available in sizes XXS to XL.


Love your backside and want the world to know it? Then be bold and show off one of your favorite features with a cheeky suit instead of reaching for a full-coverage bottom. Another style that really draws attention to your backside is a low-back one-piece. The scoop of the back matched with a cheeky bottom creates the perfect combination.


The best way to show off your waist, you ask? This summer, belted swimwear is one of our must-have swimsuit trends generally speaking, but for those of you who love your mid-section, it's a nonnegotiable. High-rise bottoms also draw positive attention toward your midsection.

Available in sizes 36 C/D to 42 G/H and 14 to 24.


One of the easiest ways to flaunt your chest is by way of an underwire top in styles ranging from triangle to a more bra-inspired demi-cup. Underwire styles also create a more supportive lift, meaning you can walk around confidently knowing everything is going to stay in its place.

Top available in sizes 36D to 38F and Bikini Bottoms High Waist ($18) available in sizes 10 to 20.

Top and Bondi Bottom ($90) available in sizes XS to XL.

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