String Lingerie Is Back From the Dead, and It's Chicer Than Ever


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From hair clips to baguette bags, it’s no secret that trends from the early 00s are making a huge comeback right now. Whether we’re talking vintage Kate Moss outfits or the 2019 versions of Carrie Bradshaw trends, there’s no shortage of throwback trends that are cool again, and today’s topic is no exception. Shift your focus to your lingerie drawer. Odds are that string thongs aren’t at the top of your underwear pile, but after today’s trend forecasting proof, we just might convince you to restock your thong collection.

Like other ’00s trends that are hot again right now, string thongs are having a stylish return this year. With brands like Agent Provocateur and For Love & Lemons designing chic versions of the "tacky” lingerie option, it’s time to rethink and restock the teeny underwear item. Celebrities like Bella Hadid are even hopping on the thong trend, as the model recently posted a photo wearing a thong bikini while at the beach. Whether you’re wearing a thong to avoid VPL or experimenting with the latest lingerie trend (earlier this year, I tested this lingerie trend and it weirdly made me so much happier), either way, you heard it here first: String thongs are coming back in the chicest way possible. Shop our favorite selection of the best string thongs below.

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