The Best Shoes to Wear With Spring's Trickiest Trends

Bike Shorts and Utility Jacket Spring Trends Street Style


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As I’ve said (many times) before, not all trends are created equal. Firstly, not every trend is for everyone, meaning you’re not expected to like every item that comes down the runway, but beyond that, there are other factors to consider. Some, for example, are more accessible and are easy to find in a range of price points, while others are more niche or can require bigger budgets. Some are practical for your lifestyle, while others simply have less uses.

Furthermore, some trends are simply harder to style than others, and here at Who What Wear, we don’t like that! Not caring for a trend is one thing, but if you’re interested in trying a specific one out but simply unsure how to approach it, that’s when we come in with a solution. Which brings me to the subject of today’s post: I’m breaking down the best shoes to style with five of spring’s trickiest trends so you have no excuse not to dive in. To see and read about my tips and shop each one, just keep scrolling.

1. Baggy Jeans

Wear with kitten heels and strappy sandals.

These ladylike shoe styles provide the perfect contrast to the oversize denim silhouette that’s trending hard right now.

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2. Utility

Wear with sneakers and mock-croc shoes.

Not all shoe styles can stand up to the utility trend. Mock croc has just the right amount of contrasting texture, while sneakers are an unexpected juxtaposition that just works.

3. Pastels

Wear with metallic or pastel shoes. 

Since they’re colorful in nature, pastels can be among the trickiest to style. Pairing them with metallics and other pastel-colored shoes is always a safe bet.

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4. Long Shorts

Wear with mules and pumps.

Since mules and pumps pair well with almost anything, they’re perfect for the long-shorts trend that most of us are still getting used to—which includes bike shorts, denim bermudas, and long tailored styles.

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5. Beige

Wear with black or light neutral shoes.

Despite being one of the biggest trends of the season, beige is among the hardest to accessorize. I think it looks best when you play things safe and pair it either with black shoes or light neutrals (such as brown, cream, and—you guessed it—beige).

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