It's Officially Over for These Shoe Trends

Trends come and go at the speed of light. One day, everyone's wearing their "dad" sneakers, and the next, it's all about '80s throwback pairs (or so it seems). With new shoe styles emerging all the time, it can be hard to keep up. But for anyone curious to check in with their current shoe collection, we're sharing the status on the trends we can safely pause buying and which have taken their place. 

Naturally, as editors, we jump at the chance to share the best styles with you whenever a new trend bubbles up. If there's a new shoe trend, you can be sure that we'll be all over it, from the new It brands all the fashion girls are wearing to the pieces we've told you will sell out first next month. That said, the following styles are those we've simply noticed have been losing steam lately.

If you're curious to find out which are the best shoe styles, according to our editors, and which styles are slowing down, keep reading. As always, though, I recommend holding onto pieces that you love because if they fit into your personal wardrobe you shouldn't stop wearing them just because of the trend cycles.


Skipping: Neon Colors

Wearing: Riding Boots

"While I've seen plenty of cool fashion people wearing shoes finished in bold shades like electric green and yellow, they don't fit into the color palette I generally wear, so I feel like they would be a short-lived piece in my closet. Instead, sleek knee-high boots are sitting at the top of my wish list. They're exactly what I want to pair with jeans for fall."

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Skipping: Oxfords

Wearing: Clogs

"I want to love oxford shoes. I love them a little bit more when they have fun, chunky lug soles, but if I had to rank my favorite shoe styles, they'd fall pretty far down the list. The shoes topping that ranking at the moment are clogs. All I want to do is frump around in a pair of clogs!"

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Skipping: Sky-High Platforms

Wearing: Mary Janes

"I actually really like the way sky-high platforms look but I have no desire to actually wear them, as they're heavy and kind of impractical. A trend that I will buy into is Mary Janes. My sights are set on the Khaite pair, in particular."

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Skipping: Flat Ankle Boots

Wearing: Chunky Ankle Boots

"I've been steering clear of ankle boots with a flat sole or low heel. If it's not chunky and a platform, I don't want it. I love the edge it adds to an outfit and, of course, the added height!"

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Skipping: High-Heel Pumps

Wearing: Rubber Boots

"I'm steering away from ultra-high-heel pumps and boots right now, especially as I'm all about comfort and practicality these days. Instead, I'm opting for rubber boots that I'm styling with slouchy socks and dresses—perfect for bracing the winter elements."

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Skipping: Dad Sneakers

Wearing: Throwback Sneakers

"I'm pretty much done with chunky dad sneakers. I think the trend has run its course. I always found the clunky, not-very-flattering sneakers tricky to pull off, and instead, I'm looking to the '80s-inspired throwback sneakers that are so much more wearable. These streamlined silhouettes usually have suede trims and gum soles, which make them an elevated pick to wear with leggings and jeans alike."

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Skipping: Stilleto Heels

Wearing: Platforms

"Runways have been filled with heels as we return to "normal," and while I love a good heel, but realistically, it's going to be quite some time until I'm slipping into anything remotely uncomfortable. That being said, platforms, their cozier cousin, are something I'm very interested in trying, as it's the boost I'm craving without the discomfort."

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Skipping: Colorful Shoes

Wearing: Neutral Boots

"Right now, I'm not investing in any loud prints or colors because I just want super-simple, goes-with-everything shoes. For fall and winter, that means black or white boots with low heels because I can truly wear them every single day."

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Skipping: Sock Boots

Wearing: Chunky Chelsea Boots

"I'm kind of tired of the sock-boot trend at this point. Instead, I'm all about chunky, flat Chelsea boots. Practical and chic."

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Jasmine Fox-Suliaman.

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