I Never Pay Full Price for Shoes—Here's Where I Shop

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a bit of a shoe fiend. They’re my weakness. But I can’t exactly invest all of my money in my shoe collection (although Carrie Bradshaw would beg to differ). While eBay and seasonal sales are certainly obvious ways to score discounted shoes, there are a few other, more surprising places I’ve found to be total gold mines for discounted designer footwear. There are certainly cheaper shoes to be found on the internet, but I write this with the purpose of leading you to high-end footwear brands for a fraction of the price. 

These e-tailers are so good it’s fully possible to get every pair of shoes you purchase from these four sites, from sneakers to going-out heels. And perhaps the best part is that the discounts are year-round, not just seasonal. Intrigued?

Keep scrolling to find out what they are and why I love them, and to shop my current favorite picks from each.

Where do you shop for discounted shoes? Tell us in the comments!