This Is the One Skincare "Scam" I Just Can't Quit


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In the ever-evolving skincare industry, there's a constant influx of information that isn't always the easiest to make sense of. On any given day, you can find dozens of articles praising so-called miracle ingredients, ones presenting the latest and greatest in anti-aging, and everything in between. But there are some topics in this realm that continue to spark debate among skincare professionals, editors, and enthusiasts. One such topic is sheet masks. Do they work? Are they a complete scam? What's the deal?

A simple Twitter search will turn up endless threads of impassioned debates on this practice that gained popularity in the U.S. as Korean and other Asian beauty regimens took hold stateside. While these skin-prioritizing communities have touted the benefits of sheet masking for generations, there are skeptics out there who think sheet masks do little more than let product sit on top of your skin. Some of the commonly noted benefits of sheet masks are hydration and improved product absorption, but some actually believe that when left on too long, these masks can actually pull moisture out of your skin.

Just like with any other skincare practice out there, there will always be opposing schools of thought on their efficacy. But for this editor, sheet masks have been a true godsend that leaves my sometimes-dehydrated skin hydrated, plump, and glowy. I fully subscribe to the power of sheet masks! For those who agree, or those who want to experience firsthand what all the fuss is about, check out this edit of the 18 best sheet masks in the game. 

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