8 Brands I'm Currently Very Impressed With at Revolve



Revolve is one of those online retailers you could spend hours shopping on. Thanks to the overwhelming number of brands and perfectly curated occasion shops (vacation, night out, lounge—oh my!), I am personally convinced you can find absolutely anything you're looking for on Revolve, and you can quote me on that. Since I know sifting through the never-ending number of products on the site can be overwhelming, I decided to share the brands stocked at Revolve that are impressing me the most right now. 

From iconic Revolve in-house brands like LPA and Majorelle to whimsical designers I'm loving, whatever your wardrobe qualms are at the moment, they're about to be solved. 


LPA is my go-to Revolve brand for versatile yet trendy pieces. From the shoes to the swimsuits, everything this brand comes out with ends up hitting the nail on the head. 

Amanda Uprichard

Amanda Uprichard is sultry, luxurious, and truly showstopping. If you have any sort of event coming up, I highly suggest you scroll through the brand's page on Revolve before you look anywhere else. 


This tried-and-true in-house Revolve brand is one I've loved for years. It always reads elevated, stylish, and just a tad sexy. 

Song of Style

If you're obsessed with Aimee Song, then you're already obsessed with her line, Song of Style. Featuring those Instagrammable pieces you never want to take off, Song of Style is repeatedly my go-to for affordable versions of my current favorite trends. 

Danielle Guizio

I've always thought that Danielle Guizio's clothes are like my alter ego. When I'm feeling confident and really want to show up in a look, I buy something from Danielle. 


Majorelle always puts a smile on my face. It's truly a one-stop-shop brand when it comes to basics, trends, and even formal dresses. 


Putting this brand in a box would be a mistake, as it serves a variety of style types. Looking for a fire vacation look? Need a stunning cocktail dress? Nicholas will deliver all that and then some. 


Last but not least, the only brand I think about when I am craving a tropical, beachy ensemble—PatBo. Nearly every garment from PatBo is doused in a festive floral print, cutouts, and accessories to match. It will make packing and photo ops a breeze.