The Search Ends Here—These Are the Best Purses for Travel

Whether it's a quick weekend jaunt or a 10-day vacation somewhere far, far away, you'll need a trusty luggage situation to ensure all your essentials make it with you. A suitcase is a no-brainer—but what about your purse? Stylish as they may be, it's not the time to lean on your mini crossbody bags to stash your cargo.

Roomy totes and shoulder bags make great airport companions, serving as worthy personal items thanks to plenty of real estate for in-flight essentials and more. That said, overstuffing said purse or opting for anything too big can backfire—there's nothing like an achy shoulder to add even more stress to a full day of travel. Opt for medium-to-large sizes to travel smart—and in style, of course. Here, we rounded up some of our favorite purses for traveling. Happy jet-setting!

Opening Image: Melodie Jeng/Getty Images