I Promise I've Done the Research– These Are the Best Products for Thick Hair

Having thick hair is always seen as such a blessing in the beauty world. ‘You’re so lucky, you have such thick hair!’ is the statement I always hear. It’s true, it’s something that I wouldn’t change about my texture but it’s definitely not all smooth sailing. No matter the texture or how you tend to style it, thick hair can become uncontrollable and can err on the frizzy side with the wrong products and care, so I’m always looking for the best products to style my thick hair.

Another thing that often affects thicker hair is humidity. If you have thick hair that also has high porosity (this is when the cuticles of your hair let moisture in easily causing) frizz and lack of definition can be a huge problem plus, often this can mean that styles will drop out more easily. Before I got into my groove of understanding the products that work for styling thicker hair I was loading on a lot of thick and rich styling products with the thought that because my hair is thick, this is what I needed to use as a styling aid. But through much trial and error, I found that while rich care products are incredible for thick hair, I’ve had the best success layering lighter styling products up for the best hold and gloss.

Take a look below for the best products for thick hair.


(Image credit: @heartzeena)