I've Been Bleaching My Hair for 10 Years, and These Are the Products I Swear By

Over the past decade, my hair has been through it. However, when I bring this up in conversation with friends and colleagues, they always seem shocked. "But your hair isn’t even that blonde,” they say. And sure, I have always maintained my natural dark brown at the roots, but believe it or not, I’ve been routinely bleaching my hair for the last 10 years. I have been from chunky highlights to ombré to balayage to full-blown buttery lengths and then back to balayage again. 

Not only does keeping my natural root color mean that bright-blonde lengths don’t jar against my jet-black brows, but it also reduces upkeep and, most importantly, further bleach top-ups on my fine hair. My strands are so fine, in fact, that any sort of bleaching requires some serious post-treatment care in order to avoid breakage. And with my blonde-tipped lengths now hitting my mid-back, I can safely say that 10 years' worth of toning treatments and nourishing remedies have finally started to pay off. So if you’re struggling to manage your bleach at the moment, keep scrolling for everything I have learned about caring for bleached hair and to shop the products I swear by, with some expert tips and tricks along the way…

Always Incorporate Purple Pigment


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If there is one thing I have learned on my decade-long bleach journey, it’s that naturally dark hair really wants to turn orange, and that makes regular toning treatments seriously important. Because I don’t have the time or money to go to the salon every time my blonde starts to go a little brassy, I opt for at-home products to do the job for me. Blonde specialist at Larry King Harriet Muldoon explains, "Despite leaving the salon with fresh pearly locks, the sunshine, heat tools, pollution and life, in general, can leave unwanted brassy tones.” To help counteract unsightly yellow tints, Muldoon recommends using a purple shampoo or toning treatment once or twice a week.

And I second that recommendation. After three or four washes without using a purple-toned treatment, the orange tones in my hair start taking over. The issue, however, is that highly pigmented shampoos rarely feel particularly kind to hair. "From my experience, purple shampoos can sometimes make the hair feel drier,” warns Muldoon. Instead of opting for drying shampoos, why not look toward pigmented conditioners and masks?

Purple Products I Love

Use a Strengthening Hair Mask Once a Week


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When it comes to hair structure and the actual science behind it all, I’m no expert. With that being said, I am sure of one thing: Bleach weakens strands. Redken educator Jimmy Green explains, "When you lighten hair and remove the natural pigments, you may also take some of the natural proteins that form the structure of the hair. If you constantly lighten, you are likely causing weakness within the structure, which will leave hair in bad condition.” To keep hair strong and reduce the risk of breakage, it’s important to use nourishing treatments whenever you can. 

"Using a product that is specifically designed to repair, replenish and support the lightening process will ensure that the condition of the hair is maintained and that hair remains strong. The molecules in a hair mask are smaller and therefore have the ability to work deeper into the hair,” says Green.

Hair Masks I Love

Oils and Serums Provide Much-Needed Protection


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Keeping bleach-damaged hair looking glossy and sleek is a job all in itself. When the hair structure has been damaged by regular bleach treatments, it can start to appear lacklustre and dull. "Serums and oils are a good way of nourishing hair to leave a beautiful shine,” says Green. 

Similarly, opting for such products that come with extra protection can only be a bonus. As bleach weakens and damages strands, it’s important to make sure they are protected from other potential aggressors. "Any protection for bleached hair is good protection. Many oils and serums come with some form of heat protection, which is important, especially when using heating tools,” he adds.

Oils and Serums I Love

Conditioning Sprays Work Wonders


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I would say the thing that has shocked me the most is definitely how much drier the bleached areas of my hair are in comparison to the roots. Naturally, my hair is oil-prone and requires little extra nourishment. However, as soon as I have had a bleach top-up, I have to prepare myself for extreme matting. 

Anyone who has ever tried to drag a brush through freshly bleached, wet strands knows this pain all too well. In order to help restore some moisture and make things more manageable, Muldoon suggests a conditioning spray. "Not only do they moisturise and strengthen the hair, but some also come with UV protection, which makes them great for the summer,” she says. Simply spritz onto wet hair after every wash and behold sleek, moisturised lengths.

Conditioning Sprays I Love

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