If You Took Me to CVS, I Would 100% Walk Out With These 16 On-Sale Gems

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Hear me out for a second: I love trying out the latest makeup looks and beauty trends, but since I live in an extremely expensive city, my budget is quite limited. If you can relate, I highly suggest running to your local CVS ASAP—it's having a major sale that every beauty lover needs to know about. Here's the gist: Now through September 16, countless ride-or-die drugstore brands including Revlon, E.l.f. Cosmetics, Milani, Kitsch, and more are discounted during CVS's Epic Beauty Sale. As if you need another reason to participate, you could earn over $100 in ExtraBucks Rewards for shopping the sale (on top of your savings). If you're not sure where to start, let's pretend we're walking through CVS together. Keep scrolling for my breakdown of four beauty trends and a list of gems I'm picking up to achieve each look.

Strawberry Girl Makeup

A red blush and liquid eyeliner pen create the most adorable faux freckles and strawberry cheeks.

Latte Makeup

Latte makeup is another delectable trend that only requires a few key products: a rich bronzer for your cheeks and eyes and a good lip liner and lipstick for your pout.

Blueberry Milk Nails

I'm picking up some baby-blue nail polish to create the perfect blueberry milk manicure.

Heatless Curls

If you bleach or highlight your hair like I do, heatless curls are a way to look more glamorous overnight without damaging your hair.

Emma Walsh
Associate Beauty Editor, Branded Content

Emma is an associate beauty editor of branded content. She’s a passionate writer who loves all things beauty, wellness, and personal growth. Before pursuing writing, she worked in influencer marketing at Gallery Media Group, which owns digital brand PureWow. She lives in New York City, where you can usually find her running to a Pilates class or sipping on a green juice in the park.