Fashion Girls Agree: These Are the Coolest Denim Brands



If there’s one thing I can claim to be somewhat of an expert on, it’s denim. Jeans are the lifeblood of my wardrobe, and admittedly, I wear them at least four or five times a week. That being said, I own dozens of pairs of jeans and am always on the hunt for the perfect new pair. As a fashion editor, too, I’m constantly being shown emerging brands, unique cuts, interesting washes, and the latest in denim technology.

So when it comes to pinpointing the coolest denim brands out there right now, I can confidently say I’ve found them. At the top of my list are Levi’s. They’re my standbys for classic Americana denim that will never go out of style. By far the brand I wear most, it’s not only flattering and cool, but it has affordable price points that make my wallet happy as well. On the other end of the spectrum, Y/Project is putting some truly original designs out there. The brand’s cuts are experimental and unique and really push the boundaries for the possibilities of jeans. Ahead, I’m rounding up the very best in denim right now. Go on to see how I’ve been styling my favorite jeans.

Keep reading to see the five best places to buy jeans and the brands I’m currently loving.