The Demand Is High for These 30 Nordstrom Basics

I'm a strong believer that basics are the backbone of a stellar wardrobe. Having pieces that are versatile and that you can style in multiple ways not only makes getting ready easier but is also a great way to stay sustainable. When I'm looking for new basics, the first stop on my list is Nordstrom. The retailer has everything under the sun when it comes to wardrobe essentials, including denim that you can live in, tank tops that you can layer or wear on their own, and dresses that you can wear to work, drinks, and date nights. 

When shopping for basics, the key is to think about how each piece of clothing will integrate into your everyday life. Are you the type of person whose go-to is a pair of denim and a button-down, or do you live in dresses? Picking pieces that will fit your personal style is easier than you think—lean into what you know works for you and what you can see yourself wearing on repeat.

While shopping on Nordstrom's site, I found so many great basics. I narrowed it down to 30 I can't wait to wear, so keep scrolling to see them all.