The Great Face-Off: We Tried 7 of the Most-Hyped Face Masks—Click for Hot Takes

Even though I'm relatively conservative when it comes to my skincare collection—I'm extremely exclusive with the small selection of cleansers, serums, and moisturizers I'll touch—face masks are the one category I kind of go wild for. The limit *truly* does not exist, and even if I've collected 100, I'll continue to stockpile them. After all, there are new brands and new masks coming out at an exponential cadence, and there's always something exciting and super innovative on the horizon. 

I love tailoring my mask to my mood, the climate, and my skin concerns (all of which consistently fluctuate), and I look forward to my weekly masking ritual like some people look forward to a glass of wine or the latest installment of Real Housewives. That said, since I do have finicky, acne-prone skin, I can't get too overzealous with my trials and application (I'm pretty sure trying something new every single night would be a disaster for my skin), so I recruited the rest of the WWW edit team to help me review and test seven of the best nontoxic face masks on the market right now. Some are cult-loved best sellers, some are brand-new launches, and some are so pretty they're almost too perfect looking to apply! Below are seven of the best nontoxic face masks money can buy, plus team WWW's honest reviews and thoughts for each. Pick your poison!

Evolve Organic Beauty Bio-Retinol Gold Mask


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Our reviews:

"As much as I deny it, I can't lie that there's also a performative aspect of masking that makes it so fun. Even when I've been running around like a wind-up toy the whole day, putting on a mask feels like I'm doing at least one thing right. As soon as I opened this jar to reveal the gloopiness of liquid gold, I was more than eager to try it out (and to also take a ton of selfies). But other than its stunning appearance, it's packed with plant-based retinol, which promotes cell renewal and is all around an ingredient you definitely want to have somewhere in your skincare routine. I love that this mask only takes five minutes to get the job done, so it's a little (beautiful!) refresher I can pop into my skincare ritual even during the busy mornings." — Indya Brown, Market Editor

"Wow, 85 five-star reviews don't lie! I'm hopping on the bandwagon of believers in this mask, as I found it completely refreshed my skin. First of all, a mask with a fun factor (this one is bright gold and thick enough that you look like an Oscar award) is always smile-inducing. But most importantly, I loved how my skin felt post-masking. After only five minutes (gotta love that quick turnaround time), my face felt nourished and hydrated. I swear I could hear my skin whispering, "Thank you." And to top it off, the glow lasted well into the next few days, too." — Kat Collings, Editor in Chief

Klur Supreme Seed Purification Mask


(Image credit: @sarahayang)

Our reviews:

"I never thought I'd want to eat a mask, but I found myself wanting to do just that after putting it on. It smells like a chocolate treat, and that alone makes it a nice pick-me-up. Add to that the fact that it gently removes dirt and dead skin without leaving the skin irritated at all, and it's a win in my book—especially since my skin leans sensitive and dry most days. My face felt brighter and softer after rinsing it off. I'm planning on adding it to my masking lineup." — Sarah Yang, Managing Editor, THE/THIRTY

"This might be hyper-specific, but this mask smells like a Wendy's Frosty, which is very nostalgic for me, so I immediately loved it before I even put it on. It has an extremely smooth texture, and once you smooth a thin layer onto your skin (a thin layer is important here since it still gives your skin a chance to breathe), it has a slight tingly effect. Kaolin clay is the star ingredient, and it works to gently filter out impurities and oil. I've been dealing with more blemishes than usual lately, but two days after using this mask, I noticed that I had no new pimples and the acne that was already on my face had shrunk considerably. I think this is my new favorite mask—and I'm really picky about masks." — Katie Berohn, Associate Beauty Editor

"I think this might actually be one of my favorite new masks—and not just because it smells like chocolate upon application. The true test any mask should pass in my book is how your skin looks and feels the next day. This one passed with flying colors. There was a bit of a tingling sensation, as it's a gentle resurfacing mask, but the next day, I woke up and my skin felt softer and smoother and looked a lot brighter. I love the brand, in general, and holistic aesthetician Lesley Thornton's approach to skincare. I'll definitely be adding this to my weekly rotation." — Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

"I’ve heard so much about Klur from fellow editors and friends and was so excited to finally get to try it. Most 'purifying' masks often leave my face feeling dry or irritated, but not this one. It left me glowing afterwards, was easy to wash off, and also smelled like chocolate. Talk about a win-win situation." — Yusra Siddiqui, Assistant Market Editor

InnBeauty Project Green Machine Innsta-Glo AHA & BHA Resurfacing Mask


(Image credit: @katcollings)

Our reviews:

"I like a mask that feels active and like it's doing something. After a few minutes with this on, you can definitely feel the acids doing their thing. It also has a physical-exfoliation element, so the dual action makes for some 'pro-level' resurfacing. I was truly impressed when I washed off the mask. My skin felt straight-up fabulous. Smooth, moisturized, and brand new. I was new to InnBeauty Project, and now I'm a fan!" — Collings

"I'm very prone to breakouts and have several active pimples, so this was a much-needed unclogging mask. It has AHA and BHA acids to gently exfoliate your skin and reduce the look of pores, while ingredients like green tea, avocado, hemp, and cucumber work to soothe and hydrate. While no product will eliminate all of my acne overnight, I really felt like my skin turned a new leaf the next day and felt more even." — Erin Fitzpatrick, Senior News Editor

"As the name suggests, this mask is a legit machine. First and foremost, it felt heavenly when I put it on. It actually comprises 15 super greens that brilliantly nourish the skin. I left it on for about seven minutes, and my skin honestly felt so smooth afterward. It's going to be my new go-to." — Bobby Schuessler, Market Director

"This mask somehow made me feel 10 times better about my complexion in just one use. As promised, the plant-based beads reduced the appearance of my pores, brightened my overall face, and left my skin feeling so hydrated and plump. This is definitely a mask I will be incorporating into my regular skincare rotation." — Lauren Eggertsen, Editorial Director

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask


(Image credit: @erin_jahns)

Our reviews:

"This face mask has been a staple in my arsenal for years—even before I was a beauty editor! In addition to the beautiful packaging, texture, and smell (everything Tata Harper makes is simply gorgeous), it gently but efficiently removes buildup, immediately brightens the skin for a hit of instant gratification, and definitely helps iron out a bumpy skin texture. I get occasional breakouts but almost consistently have stubborn whiteheads, and this is one of the few antidotes that are made with natural, organic ingredients and truly up to the task—it makes a noticeable difference in my complexion. My longtime obsession hasn't budged." — Erin Jahns, Senior Beauty Editor

"This is the sort of beauty product where its reputation precedes it. So many people have yelled to the high heavens about how good this mask is, and after slathering it on a few times this month, I can confirm that their takes are accurate. I'm the queen of exfoliating products, but my acne-prone skin has a way of aggressively letting me know when I've gone too far. This one is gentle and pleasant enough that you won't get dry patches or feel burning irritation after regular, consistent use. The BHA does its job to make your face feel glowy, fresh, and baby-smooth—a mask that has earned its place within my masking arsenal." — Brown

"I don't use many masks, but I've been using Tata Harper's resurfacing mask for years. It uses BHAs and enzymes to give your face a chemical peel that is gentle, yet effective—without the use of any physical exfoliants. My skin always feels incredibly bright and refreshed every time I use it." — Kristen Nichols, Senior Fashion Editor

Ranavat Flawless Veil Resurfacing Saffron Masque


(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

Our reviews:

"I have a tendency to steer clear of face masks because I have sensitive skin, and like many young people, I was obsessed with trying every product that would make it look 'perfect' when I was younger. Masks were an easy, quick fix, though they rarely did what I wanted them to do. For a long time, I gave them up completely, but every now and again, I’ll make an exception. Case in point, Ranavat’s Flawless Veil Resurfacing Saffron Masque, which I knew would be extremely luxe just from looking at its gold-and-glass packaging. The best thing about this mask is how gentle yet effective it is. It only takes about three minutes to work, but the effects, which include brighter, tighter skin, are noticeable immediately upon washing it off. As someone who’s a major skeptic of masks, it speaks volumes that I love this one so much." — Eliza Huber, Fashion Editor 

"Whenever a mask smells nice, it helps me feel relaxed before bed, and this one did just that. Everything about it felt like a luxury experience. The way it felt as I smoothed it on, noticing the little pieces of saffron floating around on the jar, and seeing my skin glow afterward… I definitely have a new favorite beauty product." — Sierra Mayhew, Associate Fashion Editor

"Is it just me, or is it extremely impressive that this mask has actual saffron threads in it? Saffron is famously one of the most expensive spices in the world (it's literally $500 an ounce) so right off the bat, I knew that this mask would be super luxe. This is a really gentle exfoliating mask that I think would be great for anyone who wants to mix in an exfoliant but not burn off the top layer of their skin (so, everyone). It smells fruity, and the jelly-like formula feels refreshing! Immediately after I rinsed it off, my skin looked brighter and tauter." — Berohn

"As someone who loves gel formulas, I was immediately intrigued and excited by this Ranavat mask's jelly-like consistency. It felt really cooling and refreshing to put on. I love that it's made with gentle and botanical ingredients like mango, lotus seed, saffron, mombin, and papaya enzymes. I normally get nervous when using resurfacing products because I'm afraid it will irritate my skin or make it even drier, but this one did neither and just left my skin looking a little glowier." — Yang

Alpyn Beauty Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel


(Image credit: @shawnasimonee)

Our reviews:

"This one definitely tingled a bit more upon application, but I only had to leave it on for five minutes. I liked it, but not as much as Supreme Seed. My skin definitely felt a bit smoother, and I like that it's a double exfoliator of sorts (both chemical and light physical exfoliation), but I didn't notice a huge difference in my skin. It might take a bit more use to really see results with this one." — Hudson

"A gentle exfoliant always wins me over, and this one was just the right texture. The next day, I couldn't stop staring at my skin, it was instant results, and I loved seeing the glow! The fact that it's a clean beauty product and is able to deliver such results officially convinced me that clean is the way to go." — Mayhew

"I’ve read a ton about Alpyn Beauty’s Wild Huckleberry 8-Acid Polishing Peel, so I was excited to test it out despite my typical aversion to face masks. The fact that it’s certified organic lessened my fears, as did all the natural ingredients. That said, after using it, I came to the realization that it might be too physical of an exfoliant for my very sensitive skin. I noticed a softer texture on my face immediately after washing off the mask. However, the following morning, I noticed that two small, dry patches had arrived overnight (lovely). I think if my skin were a bit less sensitive, this would be a great product for softer, smoother skin, but I’ll probably stick with a gentler mask moving forward." — Huber

"Wow, I've never looked so glowy. This one did the trick at making my skin brighter after using it just once, so I'm already pretty impressed with it. I left it on for just a few minutes, but I enjoyed how it exfoliated as I took it off for double the brightening power in addition to the acids that are already in the formula. I also found it was pretty gentle on my dehydrated winter skin, which is not always the case with peels!" — Anna LaPlaca, Fashion Editor

Herbivore Botanicals Blue Tansy Mask


(Image credit: @anna__laplaca)

Our review:

"First of all, this mask smells really good, and I was fascinated by the greenish-blue color. It's more of a gel consistency, so it felt nice and cooling on my skin and comfortable for wear for the duration of the 15 to 20 minutes I let it do its thing. I've tried plenty of chalky mud masks in my time, so I was very happy to see just how easily it came off with some warm water and how little it dirtied the rest of my bathroom sink. I actually found myself applying it a few days in a row, which I think speaks to how easy and gentle it is." — LaPlaca

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