Fact: These Are Definitely the Best New Nordstrom Items of 2020

As we encroach on the end of the first month of the new decade, all of the memes about January seeming like it's neverending have never felt more real. To get you out of that "beginning of the year" slump, we're bringing you the newest and most stylish product from one of the retailers we know you love and trust: Nordstrom. Nordstrom has always been considered a one-stop-shop for everything—from beauty products to clothing trends. Now, it is also a repeat destination for all fashion girls thanks to the freshly curated brands it stocks.

We wanted to brighten up your day by bringing you all of the best products Nordstrom has to offer so far this 2020. From bargain buys to worthwhile investments, the 30-item shopping list ahead is going to brighten your day, and if you add a few of these pieces to your shopping cart, your wardrobe will brighten up a bit as well.

Consider your hunt for the best black knee-high boots officially over. 

No one will ever know this is less than $50. 

Fleece has never looked more exciting if you ask me. 

What's better than a fun cardigan, you ask?

Dance the night away in these crystal-adorned heels. 

Fringe jackets are about to be everywhere this spring. 

To be honest, there's nothing not to love about this LBD. 

This is one outfit that's worth every penny. 

A cami that can be layered or worn all on its own. It's that cute. 

These shoes are perfect for those of you who constantly crave color. 

Nanushka's striking mesh turtlenecks just won't quit. 

These socks are the definition of cool. 

A sapphire you can't keep your eyes off of. 

A leather blazer will never go out of style. 

Everyone's favorite leggings are here for winter. 

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