These Designer Bags Are Small, But They're Worth Every Penny


"Can you even fit anything in that bag?” That is the question friends, strangers, and even my partner have asked me when I’m donning one of my favorite mini designer bags. As an avid collector of mini bags, I’m well aware that this particular handbag trend requires a commitment to minimalism and even impracticality at times. Yes, there are more functional bags like clutches and oversize totes, but I don’t care. It’s not about function for me; it’s about fashion. Denying a mini designer bag because of its size is like trying to relinquish the very grip it has on the celeb set and mere mortals alike. From the ready-to-wear collections of designers like Telfar and Jacquemus to recent red carpets (think Lizzo wearing a tiny Valentino bag at the 2019 American Music Awards), it’s evident that, though it may be physically minuscule, this bag trend is having a major moment. 

Of course, the true telltale sign of a trend’s longevity is if stylish people (like yourself) are buying and wearing it. And while my editor’s intuition says yes to baby bags, I wanted to back it up with some stats that I probed from the all-in-one shopping service Klarna. Since last summer, Klarna reported that searches for designer mini bags across retailers have jumped over 713%, which clearly isn’t a micro-trend. But if you’re still not sold on why mini bags are worth every penny, then keep scrolling. I’ve rounded up 50 of the best mini designer bags at various price points to convince Who What Wear readers that not securing this popular bag is a serious fumble.

Best mini designer bags under $250:

Best mini designer bags under $500:

Best mini designer bags over $500: