I've Tried Over 15 Lingerie Trends—These Are the Ones I Swear By


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Let me try to read your mind… What even is a lingerie trend, and why has this girl tried over 15 of them? Close? To that, I say fair point, but let me explain. I love lingerie. Ever since I witnessed Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl wearing some of the most stunning corsets, matching sets, and garter belts underneath her everyday clothes, I've been intrigued by the notion of it all. Do "normal" folks (aka not fictional characters) wear lingerie that gorgeous in place of the random, probably way-too-old-to-still-be-in-my-underwear-drawer items I was wearing instead? The answer is yes.

After talking to many lingerie experts throughout my time here at Who What Wear, testing a large handful of styles out for a little lingerie challenge I set for myself, and being a die-hard lingerie fanatic, I have officially tried over 15 lingerie trends IRL. I will admit a lot of them did not land, including underwear that basically has no back (yeah, I know), shimmer lingerie (my clothes had glitter all over them for weeks), and a few others I'd rather not talk about. As far as the ones that did stick, though, they've been sticking with me for years, and I can't imagine what my lingerie life would be like without them.

Ahead, find out which, out of 15, lingerie trends are my official favorites, plus shop pieces I'm loving from each trend category.

Tattoo Lingerie

"Women nowadays want lingerie basics that don't look boring. We've noticed a trend in 'tattoo-effect' lingerie that leaves just enough to the imagination. The trend works on all skin tones, too," a Journelle spokesperson once told me. I always thought the trend was unique but didn't really understand the beauty of it until I tried it on and wore it myself.

The way the lace looks against your skin really does appear as though you have the prettiest tattoos potentially ever. Since getting tatted isn't on my to-do list any time soon, I feel great about settling for this lingerie trend instead.

Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are a lingerie trend I wear both within the comfort of my own home and out in the real world. I find that this piece of lingerie is one of the most practical items in my wardrobe. I'm known for styling them with a T-shirt for the day and chain belts at night.

Matching Sets

Matching sets were a trend I was not too sure of before trying them out. To me, matching your underwear to your bra was a luxury and only reserved for special occasions. The thought of caring that much about my undergarments on a day-to-day basis seemed like a bit much. But what I ended up realizing is that wearing lingerie sets really means you're only thinking about one set versus two pieces. This means less thought in the morning, which is incentive enough for me.

High-Rise Briefs

Long story short, I thought I was only a thong girl until someone finally convinced me to try not only briefs, but high-rise briefs. Much to my surprise, I loved the way the higher waistband secured my midsection and rid me of any visible panty lines. I prefer to wear this style underwear with fuller dresses or high-rise skirts.


"Bodysuits have become a staple in women's lingerie wardrobes, and for good reason. With one piece, you can achieve many different looks. While this category has been growing steadily for the last few years, we are starting to see some especially luxe pieces in the market. We even have some hand-beaded pieces," another Journelle spokesperson told me while we discussed some of the best-selling pieces on the site. I love styling mine with jeans for a night out or with a black satin midi skirt for a more formal evening.

Unfussy Lace

This trend is basically the thing I reach for when I don't want to wear a regular T-shirt bra but also don't want anything that will show through my clothes. "Unfussy lace" is a more fun way to say than "everyday lace." The Journelle team told me they "have been noticing a lot of unfussy lace in unique patterns—geometric or organic—or simply without too many ruffles added. This keeps it romantic but still modern."

Next up, find out what happened when I wore Blair Waldorf–inspired lingerie for a week straight

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