The Worst Jeans to Wear With Sneakers


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Alright, let's get one thing straight: Although there isn't technically a right or wrong way to wear jeans with sneakers (you do you), there are certain styles tend to look better together. We're not here to tell you what you can and can't wear; we're just here to offer up a bit of guidance if you, too, often find yourself staring at the mirror asking yourself, Does this look good?

The most tried-and-true pant-and-shoe combo? Jeans and sneakers. It's equal parts comfy and cute, and it has risen in popularity since trainers became every street styler's footwear of choice (Bella Hadid, we know you're a fan). If you, too, are an admirer of the duo, or you're considering working it into your routine, may we suggest checking out our guide on some best (and worst) jeans to wear with sneakers?

Ahead, a guide to the jean cuts to wear with your cool kicks this season, plus those we recommend skipping.

Skinny Jeans

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SKIP: Extra-long cuts that hit way below the ankle

PICK: Cropped skinnies with a frayed hem


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SKIP: Extra-wide silhouettes that drag on the floor

PICK: Cropped flares or culottes


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SKIP: Overly distressed styles with long hemlines

PICK: Classic washes that land just above the ankle

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