From Khaite to Levi's, the 8 Denim Brands Fashion People Swear By


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Denim trends may come and go (and when they do we make sure to cover them), but no matter how many seasons go by and how many new styles may emerge, there are a handful of jean brands on the classic end of the spectrum that the fashion set just won't quit. You know as well as we do that jeans are the cornerstones of our closets and the building blocks of countless outfits, so it should come as no surprise that our individual denim stacks are more like towers (as in, we own a lot of jeans).

It's only natural, then, that we've come to favor a select few that we turn to time and time again. These are our foolproof pairs that have stood the test of time and many closet clean-outs and are still left standing in our wardrobes today. Since we're devoted to the labels we think are the best jean brands out there, we're sharing them here along with the exact styles we love so you, too, can find The One (aka your next go-to pair). Keep scrolling to discover and shop them all.

1. Levi's

No matter how many trendier jeans we may try, nothing comes close to the classic shapes of Levi's. Although there's a special place in our hearts for the vintage silhouettes, the brand's new offerings have really impressed us. 

2. Mother

Mother is known for being the most comfortable jeans, as many its coveted styles are made out of its signature "super-stretch denim." So if you're usually not a jeans lover due to the stiff material, one of the pairs below might be worth investing in.

3. J.Crew

With all eyes on J.Crew right now, we're not surprised the brand is currently calling all attention to its denim with plenty of new and limited-edition styles in tow. J.Crew is known for its attention to detail and quality, and its denim department is no different.

4. Agolde

Denim is always all about the fit, and Agolde creates jeans that are cut to perfection. They've become a holy-grail basic for everyone in fashion, especially Who What Wear editors.

5. Khaite

We never thought jeans could look "luxurious", but leave it to Khaite, a current leader in quiet luxury, to do exactly that. 

6. Zara

If you're on the hunt for affordable denim, look no further than Zara. The retailer offers dozens of silhouettes and colors for you to pick from.

7. Re/Done

Re/Done originally drew attention for its reworked Levi's styles (back when that was all the brand made), but its new denim gets just as much love. 

8. Abercrombie & Fitch

Despite Abercrombie making a comeback with the latest selection of trend-forward pieces, the brand's size-inclusive denim has always been well-loved. 

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