These Brands Have Under 15K Insta Followers But Are About to Be Huge

I’ve always been interested in fashion. Growing up, I would pore over issues of Vogue—studying the editorials, learning about the designers in them, and then carefully clipping the pages and sticking them to a board in my room. When I shopped on the weekends, I visited cool boutiques, vintage stores, the mall—all in hopes of discovering something new to add to my closet. And today, I still love discovering inspiring new things in the world of fashion, which is perhaps what drew me to a job as a fashion editor in the first place, but my methods of discovery have changed in recent years.

One of the biggest ways I’ve been learning about cool new fashion brands recently is through Instagram. Whether it’s other editors in the fashion spaces posting about labels they’re excited about, influencers tagging the pieces their wearing, or landing on the explore page with curated content that’s targeted toward me and my interests, it’s amazing to me just how many incredible brands I’ve found on Instagram. It’s especially the smaller, on-the-rise brands that grab my attention. Ahead I’m breaking down some of the recent brands I’ve discovered with under 15K Instagram followers that I’m predicting big things for.