5 Unknown Brands I'm Enamored With

When asked what the best part of my job is, I’ll likely respond without skipping a beat. Discovering new, up-and-coming brands is hands down the most exciting part. Since I sift through countless shopping sites daily for the most stylish pieces to add to my stories, I get giddy whenever a new brand emerges with a particularly fresh perspective. Whether it’s by coming across them on Instagram or hearing about them through word of mouth (rare but extra- special), I’ve uncovered quite a few brands that I’m betting will be big—and soon.

Okay, for fashion’s inner circle, I’ll admit that the following five indie fashion brands aren’t wholly unknown, but with 6000 Instagram followers or fewer, I’d definitely categorize each of them as an up-and-comer. From the slow-fashion bag brand aiming to shake up the speedy cycle of seasonal It bags to the Australian label defining the current utility aesthetic, I’m sharing the names I’m personally getting behind.

If you’re just as into supporting small businesses as I am or you’re just looking to shop for clothes you know no one else will have, go on to discover the five indie brands I can’t get enough of at the moment.