These French-Crafted Perfumes Are Like a Guided Meditation in a Bottle

I have a rule about expensive perfume: There had better be a good reason for it costing so much. As someone who views perfume as a form of art, I think that really good perfumes should be priced accordingly (because they are worth it!), but I also think that sometimes, that’s not what happens. 

That’s why I like The Harmonist. The brand's perfumes don’t just smell good. They elevate the wearer by bringing them balance and, as the name suggests, harmony. Each Harmonist fragrance that I’ve tried is a unique, sensual experience that truly does capture equilibrium in a bottle. They’re also made with ethically sourced ingredients, which is something that not many fragrance houses can say. Below, I’ve rounded up the 10 Harmonist fragrances that I think would add a certain je ne sais quoi to your perfume collection—and I saved my favorites for last.

#10: The Harmonist Guiding Water Parfum

Key notes: watermelon, aquatic notes, ozonic accord, lotus flower, jasmine, cyclamen, lys flower, pink peppercorn, white musk

This scent is like a morning hike in a bottle. It smells like the break of dawn on a summer day—floral, fresh, and dewy, with a slight hint of watermelon floating in. 

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Key notes: watermelon, ylang ylang, frangipani

#9: The Harmonist Magnetic Wood Parfum

Key notes: green mandarin, bergamot, osmanthus, mimosa, daffodil, iris, cedar, sandalwood, gaiac

If you want a scent that feels like it's all yours, opt for this dynamic fragrance—how often do you see daffodil as a scent note? A spritz of this transports you to a lush, secret garden in full bloom.

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#8: The Harmonist Moon Glory Parfum

Key notes: Hawaiian jasmine, queen of the night flower, passionflower, lychee, honey, ylang-ylang, amber musk

Somehow, this scent strikes the perfect balance between complex and subtle. Picture a hot, sticky twilight in a tropical oasis—that's what this floral-centric perfume smells like. 

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Key notes: mandarin orange, blood orange, gardenia, orange blossom, peach, jasmine, honey, patchouli, beeswax, caramel, licorice

#7: The Harmonist Metal Flower Parfum

Key notes: rosoxydes, aldehydes, orange blossom, Rose of May, Bulgarian rose, ylang-ylang, patchouli, white musk

A modern, steely take on rose, this fragrance blends together Bulgarian rose essence, the rare Rose of May, and something called rosoxyde, which brings a sharp, thorny quality to the scent. It smells like if a rose were made of metal—and it's intoxicating. 

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Key notes: rose, bergamot, pink pepper

#6: The Harmonist Desired Earth Parfum

Key notes: elemi, cade, immortal flower, red cedar, myrrh, tolu balsam, vetiver, iris, vanilla

This fragrance is meant to bring stability to whoever wears it. Spicy and woodsy notes add intrigue and sophistication.

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Key notes: rose, shiso accord, woods, smoke

#5: The Harmonist Yin Transformation Parfum

Key notes: orchid, mandarin, Bulgarian rose, almond milk, ylang-ylang, iris, white musk, sandalwood, benzoin

In feng shui, yin energy is slow, smooth, wet, and dark, while yang energy is energetic, bright, and loud. Smooth, milky, and aquatic, this perfume encapsulates yin energy perfectly. 

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Key notes: citrus, jasmine, gardenia, warm woods

#4: The Harmonist Sacred Water Yang Parfum

Key notes: citron, mandarin, fresh ginger, magnolia, orange blossom, laminaria blossom, amyris, grey amber, cedar

Take a trip to the seaside with a spritz of this fragrance, which immediately envelops you in a mineral, invigorating scent reminiscent of lapping waves and saltwater. 

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#3: The Harmonist Golden Wood Parfum

Key notes: bergamot mandarin, bitter orange, beeswax, pear granita, guaiac wood, oak, tonka bean, cabreuva

Perfect for anyone who wants to gain confidence and inner strength from their signature scent, this woodsy fragrance smells like the most luxurious fireplace. 

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Key notes: davana, tonka beans, coffee, labdanum, agarwood, sandalwood

#2: The Harmonist Matrix Metal Parfum

Key notes: metallic notes, cadamom, nutmeg, white tea, cyclamen, vetiver, sequoia, sandalwood, white musk

This scent is unlike anything you've smelled before—it's somehow creamy, metallic, and spicy but not overpowering. It's hard to describe the scent, but perhaps it embodies the act of chopping spices with a freshly sharpened knife. 

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Key notes: incense, resins, rich sap

#1: The Harmonist Velvet Fire Yang Parfum

Key notes: Cypress, clary sage, myrtle, neroli, saffron, tobacco, cistus, tonka bean, oud

Of all the Harmonist scents I've tried, this is the one I've consistently gotten the most compliments on. My favorite compliment? "You smell expensive," which is A) true and B) the mark of a scent worth its money. I'd personally describe this perfume as a passionate embrace in a bottle, if you can imagine that. 

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