Fashion People Won't Stop Wearing These Hair Accessories

Sometimes, the best way to mix up your everyday hairstyle or complete a look is to add some fun accessories. It's just so easy and really doesn't require much technical skill in the hairstyling department, which is always music to my ears as someone who is pretty lazy with my hair. I have definitely opted for an eye-catching headband when I wanted to do something to my hair but also wanted to put in minimal effort. Totally foolproof, right?

When it comes to hair accessories, I definitely have always gravitated toward headbands (blame the original Gossip Girl), but I realized recently that I have been sleeping on hair clips. I think the last time I seriously wore a hair clip out in public was when I went through my butterfly-clips phase in the early aughts.

16 Best Hair Clips That You'll Want to Accessorize With



I was in an online shopping black hole just a few weeks ago and started really paying attention to all the chic and stylish hair clips and barrettes out there. We've come a long way from plastic butterfly clips, that's for sure. Additionally, I've been noticing a lot of fashion people really committing to the hair-accessory trend, sporting hair clips of all kinds—blingy, artsy, modern, preppy, Parisian—and looking completely effortless and put-together.

It was enough to inspire me to add some hair accessories to cart. Take a look at some of the hair-clip trends I've been seeing and shop them below.

Eye-Catching Barrettes

16 Best Hair Clips That You'll Want to Accessorize With



Barrettes have really gotten a modern upgrade in recent years, with interesting prints, materials, and shapes. I'm not one to shy away from a pattern, so I've been drawn to barrettes with bright, bold, and artsy motifs.

The croc-embossed leather detail is timeless.

This perfect little bow will make your hairstyle a little flirty.

If happiness were hair clips, it would be this set.

There's just something so sweet about these clips adorned with hearts.

Blingy Hair Clips

Interest in pearl and sparkly clips seems to be going strong. It's a fun way to add a little bit of glam to your hair, whether it's an everyday look or for a dressed-up occasion. I'm reaching for these when I don't feel like curling or styling my hair but want a special look.

I love the art deco vibes that these clips are giving.

These gold-plated clips will really catch some light.

Classic Clips

16 Best Hair Clips That You'll Want to Accessorize With



Classic doesn't need to be boring, and you can't go wrong with it. The classic, traditional-looking clips are for those who want to go the subtle route or who are slowly easing into hair accessorizing.

This minimalist barrette is just the right balance.

These thin clips will go with just about any hairstyle and outfit.

It doesn't get any simpler or sophisticated than this medium-sized hair clip.

I will never say no to anything tortoiseshell. This one even works well with extra-thick hair.

Claw Clips

Yes, the claw clip is back, everyone! And people aren't just wearing them at home. Not only is the claw clip just so dang practical and useful, but the new claw clips also come in cool colors and patterns and unique shapes. Plus, the hairstyle possibilities are endless with this one.

Well, these just might be the chicest claw clips I've seen.

This gold metal clip gives a little bit of shine to your hairstyle.

You've got options with this pack of clips in assorted sizes and colors.