The Chicest Way to Match With Your BFF


Style du Monde

No, these are not your nostalgic friendship bracelets from those summer camp days, though the sentiment remains nonetheless. What better way to honor your unbreakable bond and let the world know that you two are a package deal than with a simple yet meaningful piece of jewelry. Yes, best-friend jewelry for adults is a thing, and you need to see the incredibly stylish options that are out there. You could go the classic route and pick out a charmingly dainty “friendship-style” bracelet that will still go with the rest of your arm party or pick out a puzzle-piece necklace set. We dare you to claim that matching with your BFF is cheesy after witnessing these stunning reminders of one-of-a-kind friendship. Choose a piece of matching (or beautifully coordinating) best-friend jewelry that’s chic enough to wear every day.

The Modern Friendship Bracelet

Remember those colorful DIY creations you made with your childhood BFFs in summer camp? Well, think of these stylish pieces as the updated versions, chic enough for your adult life and perfect for matching with your best friend.

Matching Necklaces

What better way to say "you're my person" than with a simple, delicate gold necklace that's easily stackable with your everyday jewelry rotation. Skip out on the cheesy friendship pieces, and choose one of these chic options that says it all.

Doubled Hoop Earrings

Opt for a pair of doubled hoops you can wear alongside your bestie. You can't go wrong with a classic pair of gold or silver hoops—doubled up, they symbolize your lifelong friendship in a sleek and subtle way.