The Supermodel Trick to Avoid Skinny-Jean "Waist Gap"

If you're a skinny jeans addict (we get it, they're classics at this point), chances are, you spend a solid chunk of your shopping expeditions on the hunt for that perfect pair. You know what we're talking about—that ideal style that fits you flawlessly and makes you feel confident and fashionable. Sure, you may already own this must-have silhouette, but if you don't (or are looking to upgrade), we're sharing, along with the help of Ashley Graham, the ultimate tip to finding those dream skinnies that will fit you like a glove.

In the February issue of InStyle, the supermodel spilled on her favorite jeans (high-waisted skinnies that she wears with a crop top to show off her shape, FYI) and how she shops for the perfect pair. "I always look for jeans with a little bit of stretch, and then go down a size, which helps minimize that dreaded waist gap," she told InStyle. What a genius trick, right? Because, really, it's that little extra opening at the waist that can sometimes make skinnies sag in the wrong areas.

Keep this trick in mind the next time you're out shopping for jeans, and if you're in the mood to order a pair and test them out at home, go on to shop some of our favorite skinnies for every style and body type.

What's your trick for finding the perfect-fitting skinny jeans? Let us know in the comments below.

Opening Image: Splash