7 Fashion-Favorite Trends to Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

At this stage in the game you probably have a go-to uniform. For this editor, it’s a black knit, skinny jeans, a moto jacket, and boots situation. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with what makes you feel comfortable, but fashion is all about having fun and experimenting, right? So switching it up by incorporating a few new pieces into your look might feel like a welcomed change as we start fresh and kick off 2019.

Rather than spending the time sifting through the latest trends and new arrivals, we’re here to help you sort through it all to determine which new items could suit your style best. To do that, we sifted through the Instagram feeds of our favorite fashion girls known for pushing the boundaries to showcase the most forward trends worth testing out now. Keep scrolling to step out of your sartorial comfort zone this year.

If there's one print that's coming back to reign supreme in 2019, it's tie-dye. Consider ditching your other go-to patterned items and refresh your style with this multi-colored throwback.

We've been seeing corduroy rise up in a major way this season as a forward alternative to the wool trousers or jeans you wear on repeat 

If you haven't tested out the biker short look yet, you better get to it. As an alt to leggings, this trend will gain even more steam as we head into 2019.

The fashion industry will be coming back down to earth this season, embracing head-to-toe earth tones like browns, camels, and tans. Sure, you may be more comfortable in all black, but this look will push you just a bit more.

It's okay to have fun and show your playful side. It's actually super easy to do so by embracing pieces with feather accents this year. While it may seem out there and fancy, feather items can work for a multitude of occasions in moderation (work and going out included), so just go for it. 

Why go for basic trousers when you can take your entire look to the next level with a multi-patterned pair? Exactly. You'll turn heads in an instant.

Sure, your favorite T-shirt will always be a go-to, but oversized, vintage-inspired styles are all the rage right now to give a modern retro-feel to your vibe. Step out of your comfort zone and pair one with more formal attire (like trousers and a blouse) for an extra-forward look.

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