I Always Get Asked "Where Did You Get That?" When I Wear These 5 Things

Adding one of the season's heavy-hitting trends to your wardrobe is thrilling, no doubt about that. Creating cool outfits with said pieces is even better. And earning tons of compliments on them? Well, that's the fashion equivalent to winning the lottery. I know this because I own several very-specific fashion items that seem to nail this trendy and compliment-worthy trifecta. I've noticed that nearly every time I step out of the house wearing one of these, I'll earn a kind word or two from someone I encounter and since I'm pretty enamored with these pieces myself, I thought I'd share.

Below, you'll find the list of fashion trends that have consistently earned me loads of compliments and a flurry of "Where did you get that?" inquiries from friends, coworkers, and strangers alike each time I wear them. The fashion world has crowned these as veritable trends, but I can attest that they are crowd-pleasers IRL, too. From sleek leather outerwear staples to classics like pearl jewelry and a specific type of ankle boots that are having a moment, keep reading to see how I'm wearing each one and peruse my favorite versions of each.


1. Square-Toe Boots

Wearing: Manu Atelier Lace-Up Duck Boots ($565); J Brand Jules Straight-Leg Jeans ($250)

While, yes, ankle boots are pretty basic as far as fashion items go, there's something about square-toed boots that seem to catch people's eye. I have both a plain black pair and the above lace-up one, both of which always seem to earn a few comments.

2. Leather Outerwear

Wearing: Remain Debbie Double-Breasted Leather Blazer ($565); Agolde High-Rise Pinch Waist Jeans ($178)

Maybe it's because the outerwear staples are statement-making or maybe it's because they happen to be trending at the moment, but there's nothing like a good leather blazer or leather trench coat to earn drove of "Where did you get that?" inquiries.

3. Pearl Jewelry

Pearls in and of themselves are a timeless classic but in recent years they've rebranded as a trendier piece, so whenever I wear a pearl necklace or pair of earrings, especially if they're baroque pearls, people feel the need to ask about them.

Wearing: Imago-A Lucite Buckle Shoulder Bag ($365); Essen Foundation Flats ($202)

Even if I wear a super-simple outfit, I know that if I grab a fun and unique bag on my way out the door, it will add something eye-catching to my overall look and, more likely than not, earn a few kind words.

5. Gold Chains

Wearing: Missoma Gold Axiom Chain Necklace ($232) and Gold Coin Necklace ($181); LHLL Cobain Crew ($174); Agolde '90s Mid-Rise Jeans ($198)

Another jewelry item! What can I say, there's nothing like great jewelry to get people talking and the other item that earns compliments for me is gold chain necklaces. I like to wear two or three at a time and stack them up for a bold effect, which always gets people asking about where I found each one.