5 Trends This Stylish Over-40-Year-Old Will Never Retire

If a trend can be in style forever, is it considered "trend-proof"? If you ask me, the answer is yes, and after chatting with one of my favorite stylish women, Renata Jazdzyk, it's clear that she feels the same way. Renata is over 40, meaning she has lived through a few more trend cycles than yours truly, which is why I so often reach out to her for everything from outfit ideas to trend talk and today, the focus was on trends, and timeless ones at that.

Since I know that Renata is known for being not only on top of trends but ahead of them, I was curious to know which styles over the years have really impacted her wardrobe the most, ultimately leaving her with no choice but to keep them around forever.

If you're looking to build up a timeless wardrobe (no matter what your age), the list of items below will help you achieve just that. Including newer trends like long tailored shorts to good old-fashion denim, follow along as Renata walks us through the list of five trends she will never retire.

1. Shorts

"I cannot imagine the upcoming seasons without tailored shorts. Whether in bright or more neutral colors, they are one of my favorite trends that I will not retire anytime soon!"

2. Jeans

"I think denim will never go out of style, and I believe that good-quality jeans are worth investing in as they can be paired with anything and everything! For more standout outfits, I often reach for more unique jeans that I can wear with simple blazer or T-shirt."   

3. Jumpsuits

"I don't think I will ever stop wearing jumpsuits, simply because they are comfortable and so easy to wear! My favorites are oversize leather jumpsuits. During the spring/summertime, I look for colorful ones or I choose an option with shorts." 

4. Oversize Blazers

Fashion Over 40

"An oversize blazer is my must-have, so I'm not planning to retire them any time soon! I would even dare to say that I can't imagine my life without them. Whenever I think of getting a new one, I tend to check Acne Studios, as they design oversize blazers perfectly. I honestly believe that oversize blazers go with everything! On days when I feel I have nothing to wear, I go for an oversize blazer and build the rest of my outfit around it."  

5. Color

"Colors will definitely not disappear from my wardrobe any time soon. Colorful outfits and accessories are my go-to and will continue to stay with me. My advice is to go for pencil skirts, tees, shirts, and high-waisted trousers in your favorite colors and in a simple form so you can wear them for many seasons."  

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