8 Editors on Their Most Satisfying Under-$100 Finds of the Year (So Far)

If you’re a regular Who What Wear regular reader, you know we get seriously excited when we find a great piece at an affordable price point, whether it’s a luxe-looking handbag or a trending new-season gem. And while we editors are all partial to a chic designer piece now and then, we certainly don’t overlook our more affordable prized possessions—especially the kind that have staying power in our wardrobes.

These are the type of fashion finds that warrant a smug-face emoji—because not only are they versatile and fashion-forward, but they also carry a modest price tag. From versatile tank tops to sandals that hit the biggest trends and dresses that garner a myriad of compliments, today we’re sharing our most satisfying sartorial finds of the year (so far!), all of which ring in at under $100.


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"I've been living in this tank all summer long. The neck dips low enough to create a really nice v-shape, and so far the straps haven't stretched at all, which has happened in the past with similar style tops. I also love the rich brown color, a nice break from black."


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Judith Jones
Senior Fashion Market Editor

Judith Jones is the senior fashion market editor at Who What Wear who specializes in shopping content and trend stories with high-affiliate impact. She shares the coolest, most desirable fashion market finds and brands for every budget. Previous to working in fashion, Judith worked as a TV host on the PBS travel show Globe Trekker (airing on Netflix and Amazon Prime) sharing her passion for travel and culture.