The Summer Trends You Should Ditch First


The Style Stalker 

I know, I know—summer is almost over, but you're going to have to face the facts sooner or later. (We're pushing for the former.) Instead of getting teary-eyed as we stow away our bikinis, sandals, and tank tops, we are using this as an opportunity to show you just how exciting all the trends are you're going to replace them with really are.

Ahead, we are walking you through which summer trends you should ditch first as we prepare for fall 2018. This doesn't mean the trends to ditch are "out," per se. It just means those are not the most practical of the bunch, and frankly, when the temperatures drop below 50 degrees, you're going to regret your outfit choice in that tube top of yours. Consider this the most pain-free way to get acclimated to the change of the season. There's a cooler fall version just waiting for you to swap it out with, we promise. Ready to see the exciting fall 2018 trends we have waiting for you?