The Best Face Masks for Every Single Skin Concern

If the last few weeks have taught us anything about beauty, it's that a face mask really is the ultimate form of self-care. With a bit more free time on our hands, I think it's safe to say we're all masking more than ever. In fact, our Who What Wear editors' instant chat has seen talk of masks increase tenfold. Whereas previously we'd reach for a face mask once in a blue moon, when our skin was looking particular dismal, now we've found ourselves asking if there is such a thing as too much masking.

And the answer is, kinda, sorta. You see, face masks shouldn't be used flippantly. They contain some of the most hardworking and potent ingredients around, meaning they have the ability to make or break your complexion. If you ask me, it is all too often because of this blasé approach to masking that so many people complain of post-mask breakouts.


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The truth is that masks shouldn't cause angry breakouts. Providing you have found the right formula for you, they should better your complexion. The key is in working out which masks your specific skin type will benefit from. To help make things easier for you, keep scrolling for the best masks for every concern.



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If your skin is feeling particularly dry, a moisturising face mask could be just what it needs. Look for creamy formulas and deeply hydrating sheets that work to repair the barrier and deliver essential nourishment. Steer clear of anything deeply exfoliating or drying, like clays and potent acids. 



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For complexions plagued with blackheads and congestion, I feel you. Whether you're just oily on your T-zone or oily all over, clay and other detoxifying masks could just be the thing you need. With potential to be overly drying, I have found that the trick is to apply detoxifying masks only where you need them. Formulated to absorb any excess oil and decongest pores, they are some of my most-reached-for skincare products. 



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Those with sensitive or sensitised skin will know the perils of choosing the wrong mask all too well. One wrong choice has the power to turn your complexion red, blotchy, sore and breakout-prone. The key to finding a face mask that works for your sensitive skin is to steer clear of aggressive ingredients such as acids and instead opt for barrier-repairing and restorative concoctions like the ones below. 



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Whether it's because of dehydration, diet, stress or lack of sleep, dull-looking skin affects even the glowiest of complexions from time to time. And, if your skin looks like it could do with a little radiance-boosting pick-me-up, a mask is the best way to go. Look for hydrating formulas that work to revive tired skin. For an extra radiance boost, actives such as vitamin C and alpha-hydroxy acids can take glow to the next level. 

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