How to Carry Out Your Regular Beauty Treatments at Home

If you ask me, there is no better feeling in the world than indulging in a good old-fashioned pampering session. Whether it’s taking some time to practise self-care or simply having a manicure, treating yourself to some TLC from time to time is thought to boost mood, productivity, and better your general well-being. 

If you’ve grown accustomed to regular facials, pedis, or spray tans, you might be interested to know that you don't necessarily have to leave the house in order to get spa- or salon-worthy results. So with our diaries looking relatively clear for the next few weeks at least and the whole host of impressive at-home beauty products out there, now is the perfect time to set aside some "me" time and turn your home into a makeshift spa for an hour or so.

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This one might seem a bit silly at first given that we are all committing to an extensive twice-daily skincare routine anyway (right?) However, if you’re craving a post-facial glow, there are some extra steps that can be taken. First of all, for the extra treat, make sure you’re reaching for your most indulgent products. A spa-like cleansing balm followed by a luxe exfoliating treatment will leave your skin glowing, but why stop there? 

Up the ante by treating your face to a deep steam and masking session to help decongest pores. Then, follow up with a depuffing, firming, and (most importantly) super-relaxing facial massage. Not sure where to start? Reaping the benefits from a facial massage doesn’t require expert knowledge thanks to hardworking tools and rollers. Lock in all of the goodness with a healthy layer of radiance-boosting moisturiser and glow forth.

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Unlike so many other beauty treatments, taking your brows into your own hands does come with the risk of things going horribly wrong. My advice? Steer clear of any wax and try to resist getting pluck happy. It’s hard, I know, but if you want to avoid reliving the '90s and wish to maintain a bushy brow, it’s crucial. The trick is to use a spoolie to brush up strands and reveal the natural shape of your brow and then pluck only from below (never the top). Using precise, high-quality tweezers, remove the stragglers. If you find yourself questioning one particular hair, the chances are it’s meant to be there.

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I totally get it. No one really enjoys giving themselves a pedicure, right? However, in desperate times, there are several at-home products to help keep your tootsies in check. From relaxing foot soaks to masks that quite literally shed your feet of unsightly dry skin, performing a pedicure on yourself has never been easier.

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Body Scrub


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While an indulgent body treatment isn't, by any means, a beauty necessity, visiting your local salon or spa for an hour-long full-body scrub truly cannot be beaten for relaxation. The good news is you can treat yourself (and your limbs) in the comfort of your own bathroom, too.

Start off by offering your limbs and body some deep exfoliation either with a salt scrub or an exfoliating cloth or mitt. Use long, gentle circular motions to massage and exfoliate. Finish up by treating skin to a nourishing body mask and a rich moisturiser, and behold re-energised, baby-soft limbs.

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Bad news on this one, I’m afraid. Truthfully, when it comes to at-home waxing, for the most part, its highly recommended to steer clear, especially when it comes to intimate areas. The good news, however, is that at-home hair removal choices have never been greater. From razors that specifically cater to sensitive skin to hair-removal creams that promise to remain gentle, there’s no reason you should be left in the lurch.

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Spray Tan


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While there’s no doubt we’re all lacking some natural vitamin D right now, some of us will also have to forgo skin-bronzing spray tans this month. Luckily, fake-tan formulas have come a really long way, meaning that you don’t have to be without your glow. From mists and foams to serums and mousses, applying fake tan yourself has never been easier, and the results have never looked so natural.

My top tips? Make sure that you have fully exfoliated, that dry areas like elbows and ankles are moisturised well in advance, and that you haven’t shaved 12 hours prior to application. (This reduces the risk of it settling in hair follicles.) Oh, and always (always) follow the directions on the bottle.

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