6100 Five-Star Reviews Later, I'm Sold on These Dry Shampoos

Affordable dry shampoo



Not all dry shampoos are created equal. Some excel at volumizing, while others are simply designed for maximum freshness. Some dry shampoos are extremely budget-friendly—we're talking $3, folks—while others are more luxurious. Whether you want an organic option, a version to suit darker hair, one loaded with antioxidants like green tea, or an amazing-smelling dry shampoo, there's something out there for everyone.

One of the standout drugstore dry shampoos is Batiste Dry Shampoo ($9), which boasts an impressive 1098 five-star reviews on Amazon—the highest count of any dry shampoo on the retailer. They must be on to something. Who am I to argue with thousands of shoppers? Scroll down to shop the 14 best drugstore dry shampoos that cumulatively have over 6000 five-star reviews. 

1. Most Refreshing

Credentials: 751 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "Not only does this refresh your scalp and hair when there is no time to shampoo, it also adds lots of volume without the stiffness of hair spray."

Best Drugstore Dry Shampoos



2. Most Affordable

Credentials: 122 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "I have super fine hair, so I was looking for a dry shampoo that would give me some volume. This did the trick. I spray it in my hair even though it's clean. I spray it in right after I'm done drying it and before curling it. This gives it the extra appearance of body and hold it needs for curling."

3. Most-Reviewed on Amazon

Credentials: 1098 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "I honestly can't believe how much this changed everything. Now, my hair can look smooth and straight, because I don't need to wash, dry, then straighten every morning (what a time-suck!). Now I just straighen and dry shampoo."

4. Best Organic Option

Credentials: 217 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "This is in powder form and doesn't come in a spray bottle. The smell is very botanical and lavender. You only need to use a little and it actually works! Oh, and this doesn't leave your hair white." 

4. Best Option Designed for Darker Hair

Credentials: 661 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "I have dark hair and all other dry shampoos leave me looking like a grandma. This one actually controls my super greasy hair. I usually have a lot of trouble with the bangs, but this one works perfectly. The only downside is that if you spray too much into the air, it will settle on surfaces like a vanity, making them look very dirty." 

5. Runner-Up for Darker Hair

Credentials: 285 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "The smell of this stuff is intoxicating! And it lasts all day if not longer. The can goes a long way, even when using liberally. Using a few times a week I got it to last a little over a month. I have very dark brown hair and sometimes spray and leave it in to absorb before brushing it in. The chalky residue brushes in easily."

6. Best-Smelling



Credentials: 178 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "This dry shampoo takes away excess oil, adds a plump to your strands and bounce to your hair, and makes it feel and look silky and smooth but not at all greasy. It’s easier to style after using just a bit of this spray, and the smell is so pleasant and refreshing—it smells as if you’ve just washed your hair."

7. Mildest Scent

Credentials: 158 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "The product itself is the ONLY dry shampoo with a minimal scent that's also light enough not to weigh down my hair. All-time favorite! I tried going less expensive with other brands but ended up just wasting more money because all of them smelled too strong or weighed down my hair." 

8. Best Indie Brand

Credentials: 946 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "Application method is everything in getting this to work for you. I have thin, fine hair that gets weighed down easily. I do not use the tip to put this in my hair (that creates patches of white that are hard to distribute). Rather I sprinkle a little powder in my hands, turn my head upside down and work it into the roots. After 15 min or so, I brush through my hair with a natural bristle brush."

9. Best for Volume

Credentials: 221 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "It goes above and beyond this basic function [of a dry shampoo] by also serving as fundamental styling product. Using it gives my hair texture and lift, which makes it more pliable."

Best Dry Shampoo for Volumizing



9. Best Salon-Worthy Luxury

Credentials: 433 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "It doesn't leave any residue, and I feel like it effectively makes my hair at least look cleaner. It fluffs it up a bit without having that really noticeable heavy feeling or excessive fluffiness that some dry shampoos leave."

10. Best Texturizer

Credentials: 187 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "Oh Bee Hive adds volume to my hair and doesn't feel sticky. I also find the scent pleasant. It blends in well with my red/blond wavy hair. And no build-up!"

Drugstore Dry Shampoo



11. Best Packaging

Credentials: 306 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "My hair looks thicker and better now that it did when I washed it three days ago, and it smells nice, too. Expensive, but worth it." 

12. Most Soothing

Credentials: 130 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "I need to get a lifetime supply of this. I have finally found the perfect shampoo and it’s so affordable! The smell is so pure and calming. I feel amazing."

Drugstore Dry Shampoo for Fine Hair



13. Best Clean Feeling

Credentials: 473 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "I've been used this product for a long time now. I've tried plenty of other brands but I love this one! Smells clean works exactly how I want it to and is crazy cheap. I have black hair and my hair never looks white or flaky." 

14. Newest Launch

Credentials: 2 five-star reviews

What reviewers are saying: "This is one of the best dry shampoos I've ever used. Make sure to let it sit for a bit in your hair near the roots then massage and scrub your scalp. Your hair instantly looks fresh and not oily at all! This product is worth every penny."