Hands Down, These Are the Best Dressed TV Characters Right Now

I am not ashamed to admit that I watch a lot of TV. I'd like to say it's because I've got a small child, so don't get out much, but really I'm the Augustus Gloop of watching the telly. I can watch it well into the early hours and rewatch my favourite episodes for hours. I'm the ultimate binge-watcher. From Friends and Suits to Fleabag and Game of Thrones, there are few TV series I've gone through that I haven't enjoyed. Right now, I know a lot of people are watching Netflix like never before, but at Who What Wear, we're all about fashion, so how do I marry two of my great loves? Write about the best dressed characters on TV, of course.

I've given it a lot of thought and have come up with my definitive list of characters whose wardrobes I'd love to raid. Before you start getting annoyed that I've missed your favourite out, this is just my opinion, but I really believe I've included something for everyone. There are outrageous dresses as well as corporate suits coming from a range of different and interesting characters played by some of the most recognisable actresses. Ready to see my list? Keep scrolling…


Villanelle: Killing Eve
(Image credit: Everett Collection )

Style Notes: Those of us in the fashion industry have been following designer Molly Goddard for some time. But when Jodie Comer playing Killing Eve assassin Villanelle popped up wearing this pink tulle creation, everyone suddenly become obsessed and it really set the benchmark for the character's high fashion selections that feel fun and playful.


(Image credit: Courtesy of BBC)

Style Notes: When I saw these earrings on Villanelle, I immediately started searching for similar online. While she might be able to pull of youthful outfits such as black Dr Martens and pink dresses, she's also able to do sophisticated. 


Jean Milburn: Sex Education
(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Style Notes: If you've not seen Sex Education, I suggest you go do so immediately, not just because Gillian Anderson's portrayal of Jean is so brilliant. Her character's outfits, mother to protagonist Otis, are rooted in being a little boho but thanks to soft tailoring stay chic. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Style Notes: Tell me you don't want a beige jumpsuit seeing this image and I'll think you're lying. 


Olivia Pope: Scandal
(Image credit: Courtesy of Amazon)

Style Notes: Olivia "it's handled" Pope wears a lot of white for a woman who exists solely on red wine and popcorn. I'm not sure I've ever seen her drinking water, to be honest. While her wardrobe goes a little darker towards the end of the series, at the beginning of the show is when we a lot of white coat looks. And I love it. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Amazon)

Style Notes: From white coats to white dresses, this is a classic OP look. 


Carrie Bradshaw: Sex and the City
(Image credit: Courtesy of Amazon)

Style Notes: I don't want anybody's hot takes on how all the other characters, including Charlotte's dog, dressed better than Carrie. They didn't. Carrie might have been a deeply unlikeable character at times but she, hands down, had the best wardrobe. This mini jumper dress is just one look I always remember. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Amazon)

Style Notes: During the Aiden phase (in fact, this is when she first met him), she wore some of her best outfits. This polka-dot pussy-bow blouse is timeless. 


Buffy Summers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
(Image credit: Courtesy of Amazon)

Style Notes: I can't tell you how many times I've rewatched Buffy. Some of the middle seasons are shaky fashion-wise and Dark Willow should get an honorary mention, but ultimately, it's Buffy who wins out with her love of leather. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Amazon)

Style Notes: One coat I'll never forget is this blue/turquoise look. So cool and '90s. 


Jessica Pearson: Suits
(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Style Notes: Look, Meghan Markle's Rachel Zane might wear a great pencil skirt, but the true fashion star of Suits is Jessica Pearson. She's a lover of the corporate dress, usually in grey, white or black, but she'll always opt for an interesting detail too. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

Style Notes: This checked dress with its off-the-shoulder style is exactly what I'm talking about. 

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