This Is the Best Day to Shop for Clothes, Experts Say

Holiday shopping season is here, which means every retailer will vie for your hard-earned cash with major sales. But did you know that this season also includes the best day of the year to shop for clothes? According to Adobe Digital Insights (ADI), there's one day a year when apparel is likely to be around 20% off and not totally picked over à la sale season.

"November 22 is the sweet spot for apparel shopping because it has high discounts and products are still in stock; out-of-stock incidence doubles beginning on Thanksgiving," Luiz Maykot, a data science analyst on the ADI team, told Refinery29. "Retailers have been trying to start the shopping season earlier, and the high discounts for apparel on November 22 are one example of it." It looks like we'll be doing some wardrobe shopping for ourselves this November before we start checking people off our holiday list.

You can read more about major shopping days of the year at Refinery29.

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Opening Image: Urban Outfitters

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