10 Cleansers That Actually Work for Dry Skin

If anyone asks me what my skin type is, I tend to say dehydrated. Because, let's be real, it’s dry. So dry, in fact, that it drinks up moisture in the same way that I do after a 30-minute HIIT class. The fact that it develops a sheen throughout the day that could lead you to believe that I have oily skin, or at least combination? Well, that points to the fact that my skin is actually overproducing sebum because of the lack of moisture.

To add insult to injury, I also get bouts of eczema on my face and neck. So during flare-ups, I have to keep all of my product choices as moisturising as possible to make sure that I don’t aggravate my skin barrier further. Enter the cream cleanser. 


(Image credit: @KEEKSREID)

The only problem is, when it comes to cleansing, a creamy cleanser just doesn't seem like it will be all that effective, does it? To me, it's a bit like using a conditioner to clean your hair or a hand lotion to wash your hands. It just shouldn't work. Thankfully, though, I have tried a lot of cream cleansers and have found that good ones can act as the perfect skin-refreshing morning cleanse or as a skin-nourishing second cleanse at night, especially after a gel or foaming formulation, which can often leave my complexion feeling parched.

Ahead, keep scrolling for the 10 best cream cleansers for dry skin—tried and tested by me.