The Cotton Underwear Everyone Needs to Own

Best cotton underwear for women



For all the reasons we love investing in gorgeous lingerie (e.g., the happiness and confidence boost, the varying trends, and ultimately, the sheer fact that it’s pretty), we also love having the best cotton underwear in our intimates drawers. We’ll take any reason to sport a beautiful matching set underneath our everyday clothes, but at the end of the day, we just want to be comfortable.

You’ve probably already seen this as a major trend in the intimates section, as many women are swapping their lace underwear for cotton briefs or even athleisure-inspired lingerie. If you haven’t added these to your collection, now’s the time.

We know you love peak comfort as much as we do, so we rounded up the best cotton underwear to have in your lingerie collection now. Whether you plan on lounging around the house or just want to save your delicate underpinnings for more special occasions, there’s no reason you shouldn’t want to stock up on this comfortable underwear style.

This pair has over 800 glowing reviews on Nordstrom's website thanks to the flawless fit. 

These have rave reviews on Nordstrom's website thanks to how comfortable they are. 

Commando has a cult following for a reason: The brand's underwear is perfectly soft and always fits flawlessly. 

The logo band on this underwear helps it stay in place. 

I love every single one of these colors. 

Boy shorts are perfect for that time of the month. 

These comfortable undies also come in black and brown. 

No underwear collection is complete without a beige pair. 

This pair is available in sizes XS to 6X.

I love the delicate decoration on this pair. 

I love this beautiful eggplant color for fall. 

You can never own too many pairs of classic white cotton underwear.