The Colour Trend Our Writer Won't Be Wearing This Spring

Sure, neutrals are an easy clothing choice that leave you feeling pretty "safe" about your outfit as soon as you leave the house, but what about the days when you're feeling courageous, confident, and daring? Well, that's a job for the reds, blues, and yellows of the world.

Bright is back in a big way this year. And seeing as the summer heat has really started to kick in (in Sydney at least), I'm finding myself pushing my black and darker clothing to the side. Not even my staple black denim jeans, nor my favourite sheer black top can sway me from my chosen path of any colour, every day. And I've noticed it's also particular shades that are resonating with my style—the bolder the better, so even pastel hues are having a hard time catching my attention.

If you're also looking to add more vibrancy into your summer wardrobe, I recommend starting small and with a shade that's guaranteed to suit your skin tone (follow the Who What Wear guide and you'll succeed every time). Once you've found the perfect colour, see it as your go-to next time you're shopping. And if all else fails, remember, pink suits every skin tone, and according to an expert, it is the most "flattering" hue on the colour wheel. 

Keep scrolling to be inspired by this season's hottest (and brightest) looks, and to shop the items that will change up your dressing routine.



Style notes: Sheer red is equally alluring and bold. 

Style notes: Update your spring accessories with a bright red tote bag.


Style notes: There's always room for yellow, even in a wardrobe full of monochrome and denim. 

Style notes: Almost always, the bag and shoes really make an outfit. 


Style notes: We're so into jeans under a breezy summer dress. 

Style notes: Salmon pink is equally as appealing, and a little bit different. 


Bold Colours for Spring


Style Du Monde

Style notes: Try to make sure you find the boldest orange possible for maximum impact. 

Style notes: We're loving this shade paired with a chic red lip. 


Style notes: Pair navy blues with fresh whites for a chic and timeless look.

Style notes: Statement sleeves and bare shoulders are very much on trend. 

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