10 Brands Our Editors Are Loving (and Actually Wearing) Right Now

As editors, we’re constantly telling our readers, friends, and anyone who will listen about pieces we love and think they should buy (most of which we are forced to simply admire via the internet unless they make their way into our own wardrobes). And while we can’t possibly wear, let alone purchase, every piece we lay our eyes on—though we really, really wish we could—occasionally, we do get to step out in certain special items from the brands we know and love.

So just what is the team at Who What Wear sporting this season? As you could have guessed, you’re about to find out. Below are 10 special brands that actually made their way into our closets and onto our Instagrams and, if you ask us, are worthy of your wardrobes and grids too. Keep scrolling to see the labels, from Totême to H&M, we’re loving for this summer and well beyond.

Lauren Eggertsen: Solid&Striped

Best Fashion Brands: Solid & Striped



We love the brand's suits, but we just might love its matching cover-ups even more.

Indya Brown: Réalisation

Best Fashion Brands: Realisation



If this dress looks familiar, it's because it's kind of Insta-famous—as with most pieces by this beloved brand.

Nicole Eshaghpour: Donni

The only thing we love more than a matching set is a comfortable outfit, and Donni checks both boxes with every collection.

Allyson Payer: Agolde

Best Fashion Brands: Agolde



There's a reason our editors are all obsessed with Agolde's perfect-fitting and always cool-looking denim.

Yusra Siddiqui: H&M

No matter the season, there's always a trove of covetable and affordable H&M finds just waiting for you. 

Jasmine Fox Suliaman: With Jéan

There's no such thing as being too cool, but cult label With Jéan gets pretty damn close.

Kristen Nichols: Ganni

Ganni is where playful meets practical, and that's why we can never get enough of its collections.

Judith Jones: Holiday the Label

Best Fashion Brands: Holiday the Label



Looking to stand out? Look no further than Holiday the Label.

Anna LaPlaca: Who What Wear

Call us biased, but we actually cannot get enough of our very own accessories this season.

Kat Collings: Totême

Best Fashion Brands: Toteme



A favorite of so many on the team, Totême has really nailed the investment-worthy basic that still feels forward. Case in point: this perfect dress.