Nudity: The Biggest Shoe Controversy of 2017


Collage Vintage 

Want longer legs? Want to look like Cinderella? Want to feel slightly controversial? We have the just shoe for you—the naked shoe. Approved of by celebrities, popular retailers, and fashion icons, the naked shoe trend, and even the naked trend in general, has been taking the sartorial world by storm for more reasons than one. While naked pants, maxi skirts, and dresses are all quite a sight, naked shoes are a great (and more approachable) place to start if you've been itching to buy into this controversial phenomenon but aren't really sure which beat to call your own.

Consisting of clear straps, mainly neutral colors, and tons of PVC, naked shoes have evolved into many shapes and styles ranging from block-heel sandals to office-appropriate pumps. These soles are so attractive because they give the illusion that you aren't wearing any shoes at all, causing the line of your leg to be elongated and tons of compliments to roll in. We know this trend is extremely specific, which is why we are here to tell you exactly where to find the best pairs on the market. All you have to do now is figure out which pair is best for you.

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