Cheap Travel Clothing You Will Want to Wear Every Time You Fly

Looking cute on a plane is certainly not everyone's priority, but hopefully you want to look at least somewhat put together. Lucky for you, looking polished while traveling doesn't have to break the bank, and I have assembled the perfect shopping selection to prove it. Beyond the fact that you probably don't want to be sitting in your most expensive clothing items for hours on end on a germ-infested plane, buying anything under $100 is always a good idea, as are the pieces ahead. 

Below, you will find the ultimate cheap travel clothing shopping guide filled with items you'll want to wear every time you hop on a plane. From coordinating knit sets to slip-on sneakers, compression socks to baseball hats, go on to shop the most affordable travel story you've probably seen in a while. 

I suggest getting this shirt one size too big for maximum comfort. 

Consider these your ultimate travel sneakers. 

Word on the street is that Skims is some of the most comfortable shapewear out there, so wearing this tank on a plane seems like a smart idea. 

Compression socks are great for both your health and your comfort. 

A cute top and a sweatshirt all in one. 

Don't have time to do your hair before leaving for the airport? Throw it up with this festive scrunchie. 

A denim jacket is one of my must-haves when flying. 

If you're someone who has to take their shoes off the second you buckle into your seat, make sure you have cute socks that won't scare your seatmates. 

Your airport outfit could not be simpler with this ribbed jumpsuit. 

Never lose your sunglasses at an airport again. 

Matching knit sets are where it's at when it comes to a well-rounded travel uniform. 

A cheap way to ensure you get better sleep while flying.

Because there's no worse feeling than underwire poking you while you fly. 

Slip in and out of these boots with ease. 

Lounge pants that still look polished. 

Have I convinced you to buy a matching set yet? 

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