This Chill '90s Brand Keeps Selling Out

If you love the '90s, you're probably loving life right now. The decade is officially cool again, which is music to the nostalgia-loving fashion girls' ears among us. The most authentic way to give a nod to the '90s is to wear the brands that were cool back then, and many of them have partnered with retailers and other brands to bring modern iterations of their classic pieces to the masses.

The '90s brand that's blown up ever since Vetements collaborated with it is Champion. While the sportswear brand has been around for nearly 100 years, it was the '90s that Champion was in its heyday among athletes and thus is the decade that it's associated with. While some may opt for the high-end designer versions (despite the steep price tags), Champion has clearly caught on to the renewed popularity of the brand and is selling sleek new versions of their hoodies, track pants, bomber jackets and more at cool retailers like Ssense, My Theresa, Urban Outfitters, and ASOS. And given how swiftly the goods appear to be selling out, we can say with confidence that Champion is definitely back. 

Shop our picks of the coolest Champion pieces below!

Because you could probably use a cool new beanie.

The result of when two cool, very different brands collide.

Chloë Grace Moretz just wore this hoodie with leggings.

We plan on dressing this bomber up and down.

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Opening Image: Pacific Coast News

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